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CATSS: Treatment of the Greek Textual Variants

Robert A. Kraft

Le site offre de nombreux outils (en format brut) à exploiter : Edition de Göttingen, Analyse morphologique du grec, Texte hébreu et grec en parallèle, etc.

One of the major goals of the CATSS project is to facilitate the encoding and accessing of all significant textual variations in the Greek tradition. Ultimately, this will include ancient versions and other secondary evidence (e.g. patristic quotations) based on the Greek texts as well as newly discovered MS evidence. Initially, however, the goal is to be able to access by computer the major published apparatuses in the Göttingen editions and, where there is no Göttingen edition, in the larger Cambridge Septuagint or the best available alternative (e.g. Margolis for Joshua, Rahlfs' editio minor for Qohelet, Song, and 4 Maccabees). Insofar as it is possible, the "main text" to which the variants are attached is the best available eclectic text, which means Göttingen where it exists, or Rahlfs' short edition